"Swim Little Fishes, Swim"    (sold)
"Swim Little Fishes, Swim" (sold)

My name is Helen Smith but I call my crafting persona Hergest Helly because I live half way up Hergest Ridge on the border between England and Wales - this is a photo of one of the wild ponies on the top of the ridge taken a few winters ago.


Sewing and making things from fabrics and yarns in gorgeous colours and patterns is my obsession and my joy.


My small tapestries are woven by hand using lots of coloured wools, silks and cotton yarns.  I weave on a small Hokett loom and a 22" Mirrix loom.


Quilt making has been a favourite pastime of mine for many years. Designers have created a wealth of beautiful and intricately patterned fabrics which I simply cannot resist - and so I use as many as possible in my quilts.


My handmade bags, purses and pouches are all carefully sewn, quilted and hand finished.  I use many different cotton fabrics to create the patchwork patterns for my bags and the insides are as pretty as the outsides.


I love experimenting with shapes and styles to design something special and I hope you like my creations.