I have always been fascinated by old tapestries and wondered about the artisans who wove these beautiful and enormous works.  I had only the sketchiest idea about how they were made.  Over recent years I have learnt more about tapestries, and weaving in general, and then I discovered the amazing world of contemporary tapestry art.   Finally, I decided to try tapestry weaving myself.


So, at the end of 2016, I acquired a small lap loom - a Hokett - and enrolled in an on-line tapestry weaving class with Rebecca Mezoff.  What a revelation!  Rebecca is a brilliant weaver and teacher and I am so thankful to her for sharing her knowledge and setting me off on the road to becoming a tapestry weaver myself.


These tapestries were woven on various looms using cotton warp and wool, silk and cotton weft.  Dimensions include the fringing.

Fan #3 - Winter

Three fans framed and hanging in the

Made in the Marches Gallery

Three masks on their special stands for the Marches Makers Miniatures Exhibition

Mask #5 - Winter

Fan #1 - Summer

Fan #2 - Autumn

Masks #1 and #2

Mask #3 - Autumn

Mask #4 - Summer

Blue Moon

Leaf Fire

Mask #1

Saddell Bay with Grip IV  (NFS)

A Long Long Time Ago  16 x 60cm (Sold)

   Inspired by wet bark - wedge weave sample

I've Lost my Marbles - detail

I've Lost my Marbles 

Fantasy Landscape III

Weaving in progress February 2019

Weaving the Moon 18 x 18 cm (Sold)

The Chances of Anything Coming From Mars 18x16.5cm

The Retreat  21 x 17.5 cm  (Sold)

Raising the Roof  18 x 15.5 cm (Sold)

And still they come...  28 x 19 cm

Prehistoric Lines  23 x 16 cm (incl fringe)

Love  15 x 15.5 cm

Falling Leaves  14 x 15 cm

Lucy in the Sky  14 x 14cm

 Fish out of Water   21 x 12cm

Watery Sunset 14 x 14cm

Misty Mountains 21 x 14.5cm


Swim Little Fishes Swim 20 x 15cm


Graphics  20 x 14.5cm


Colour Between the Lines 22 x 20 cm


Heavenly Bodies 21 x 15 cm

Floating  14 x 10 cm


Into Eternity 20 x 14 cm


Estuary 18 x 14.5 cm


   Dancing with Joy 31 x 31 cm (excluding fringe)

   This larger tapestry was woven on my Mirrix loom using wools, silks and cottons. 

   I was thrilled that Rebecca Mezzof' included this tapestry in her amazing new book "The Art of Tapestry Weaving"