This page is for fun and shows you some of the other things I have been making... 

Spring 2023...


It's the Coronation!! 


This crown was my contribution to the royal festive window display at the local Made in the Marches gallery...

Spring 2020...


... and everything changes...


I made some face masks.


Just about the only creative thing I felt like doing... and it was fun to sort through all my wonderful fabrics - quilting cottons for the outside and batik fabrics for the linings.

Winter 2018:


More and more birdies!  I am having such a fun time designing, sewing, embroidering and beading these little lovelies.... each one has its own personality!  


Currently this little flock is flying around the Made in the Marches Gallery in Kington.  


(All flown away now until next Christmas!)


Catch one if you can....  

Winter 2017:


I have been making garlands for the festive season and these are being sold in the Made in the Marches Gallery in Kington.  


The garlands are in 2 colour-ways - red/green/gold and black/white/silver.  There are 11 trees on each with bells in-between and measure about 1.1 m of decoration on about 2m of braid.


These little trees are terribly addictive to make and I am having lots of fun playing with all the different colours and pattern combinations...




These were such fun to design and make.  


I rediscovered my love for embroidery and played around with beading.  I add bells to their feet and hang them in the window.... they look very jolly.






I made these little chicken pin cushions/lavender sachets for a local society fund raising effort.  


They are posing on my mum's beautiful old sewing machine.




I made this for the tea cosy class at the local Kington Show.... It was jubilee year so I went all patriotic...


I incorporated a little device in the top of the cosy that records sounds - so I recorded my husband singing Rule Britannia (he has a smashing voice!)  When you press down on the pompom it activates...  It was fun watching peoples' faces when they did this... such a laugh!


Lucky me - it won first prize.





I learnt how to hook and prog rag rugs with Jenni Stewart-Anderson on one of her workshops. 


This rug is my first attempt at hooking using strips of woollen fabric - I made up the design as I went along.  The shape was dictated by the size and the weird shape of my piece of hessian.






Making coiled bowls from rope wrapped with strips of fabric is very addictive!  They make lovely presents when filled with sweets or pretty toiletries.  I have made a few small ones to act as little nests for my fabric birds (see above) and they look really cute.