As soon as I discovered quilt making I was completely captivated - I love everything about this craft - the history of (mostly) women's work, the stitching, the beautiful fabrics, the patterns, the utility and the art of it, even the feel of a quilt...  


I have made quilts to hang on the wall and much bigger ones to snuggle under in bed or to throw over the sofa.  I also use patchwork and quilting techniques to make bags. My quits are made using hand stitching and machine stitching for both piecing and quilting and I finish all my quilts by hand.  All the fabrics are cotton, some are hand dyed, and the wadding (padding) is also cotton - very warm but light.


Most of all it is the design process that I find so exciting but when I do follow another artist's design, I like to change the scale and play with unusual colour combinations.  These are a few examples of my work...

This series of five quilted panels were made for the exhibition Land Into Art and were inspired by a favourite view from the top of Hergest Ridge.

From Hergest Ridge I


From Hergest Ridge II

From Hergest Ridge III


From Hergest Ridge IV


From Hergest Ridge V (sold)

Strata V  (sold)

Strata VI

Strata VII (sold)

This series of 4 wall hangings was inspired by the theme "Out of Earth" which ran in my local gallery Made in the Marches during June and July 2018.

Strata I   (Sold)

Strata II  

Strata III  (Sold)

Strata IV   (Sold)

Curvy Log Cabin    (Sold)

Ammonite    (Sold)

You are my Sunshine   (Sold)


   Alice  (Gifted)


Luna Landscape

Brass Band  (Gifted)