As soon as I discovered quilt making I was completely captivated - I love everything about this craft - the history of (mostly) women's work, the stitching, the beautiful fabrics, the patterns, the utility and the art of it, even the feel of a quilt...  


I have made quilts to hang on the wall and much bigger ones to snuggle under in bed or to throw over the sofa.  I also use patchwork and quilting techniques to make bags. My quilts are made using hand stitching and machine stitching for both piecing and quilting and I finish all my quilts by hand.  All the fabrics are cotton, some are hand dyed, and the wadding (padding) is also cotton - very warm but light.


Most of all it is the design process that I find so exciting but when I do follow another artist's design, I like to change the scale and play with unusual colour combinations.  These are a few examples of my work...


Spring Chickens

Hay Bluff

From Hergest Ridge VI


Hay Bluff

From Hergest Ridge VII




                     Colour Block II

Colour Block I



Inner Visions - Labyrinth II


Inner Visions - Labyrinth I


It's the Queen's jubilee and to celebrate I made this quilt to hang in the Made in the Marches Gallery window as part of their special display.

In 2021 I was delighted to be asked to create a 12” x 12” textile square using a design by local artist Kathryn Moore to be added to a large wall hanging assembled by the Walkers are Welcome Association  Every year this association visits one of its member towns to hold its AGM, go on local walks, and join in various activities. In 2021 it came to Kington and the wall hanging (with our contribution added) was displayed in our local hotel. Other squares in the wall hanging have been made in a variety of materials and techniques and I chose to make a quilted piece for my square, following Kat’s design, using hand dyed fabrics. Kat’s amazing design incorporates well known landmarks in Kington - including the monkey puzzle trees on the top of Hergest Ridge.

This series of five quilted panels were made for the exhibition Land Into Art and were inspired by a favourite view from the top of Hergest Ridge.

From Hergest Ridge I


From Hergest Ridge II

From Hergest Ridge III


From Hergest Ridge IV


From Hergest Ridge V (sold)

Strata V  (sold)

Strata VI (sold)

Strata VII (sold)

This series of 4 wall hangings was inspired by the theme "Out of Earth" which ran in my local gallery Made in the Marches during June and July 2018.

Strata I   (Sold)

Strata II  

Strata III  (Sold)

Strata IV   (Sold)

Curvy Log Cabin    (Sold)

Ammonite    (Sold)

You are my Sunshine   (Sold)


   Alice  (Gifted)


Luna Landscape

Brass Band  (Gifted)